Broad Point

I live my outside life quiet
I live my inside life so very loud
I don’t talk much but I work hard
Cause of this I live on a cloud

Those of you who talk much beware
Don’t take more reward than your worth
People give cause of timeless love
But to be true you’ll want to work

Go ahead make yourself a king
You want know where you really stand
When the end comes don’t be surprised
There’s no excuse with any plan

There’s a simple three-point soul scale
That measure’s our give and our take
Make sure if your paid attention
That the way you point is not fake

If you’re fake than the scale will tip
But surely not in your favor
You caused people to misconceive
Because for good you did not labor

I’m assuring you that I know
Trust in him with all your souls
I’m not the same as the next guy
On me honesty has its hold

I’ll never steer you wrong with my words
Close your eyes to my actions though
Flesh is weak but the spirits willing
Comfort comes through me and you know

Life I know can be beautiful
The tables also can be turned
Put your trust and hope in it
And I promise you’ll never get burned.

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