I’m thankful for everything I have
Sometimes I don’t think I am
I take for granted everything I have
Just about anyway I can

”Appreciate what?” is what I’d say
Ignoring the obvious issue
Depreciating life is no one’s gain
But instinct depletions to blame

Animals and children own the reward in tenfold
Acting on instinct and not accountable
If my left arm cause me to sin
I should cut it off for my profit

For it is more valuable to live with a left arm maimed
Then to burn forever in a lake of flames
I don’t understand this concept of hate
Convincing your child it is profitable to maim

Where is the compassion we heard about?
Are we saved and don’t understand
Did you take care of it with a wave of your hand
We want to love but don’t understand

We want to visit on our own land
We understand compassion will pour
But why wait until the world is no more

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