Don't Believe Her

Don’t believe her when she tells you
That this is her choice
She will turn around and stab you in the back
And leave you with no choice

But to write some awful songs and get your revenge
It is amazing what we do to people we used to call friends
For those of you who are curious
Yes, I feel guilty about the whole big mess
For those of you who are afraid to ask
Yes, I feel better now I’ve got it off my chest

Stab your friend in the back when he is turned around
Throw him down, kick him in the head, when he’s on the ground
Have no regard, for anyone but yourself
Queen of the world, you do not need any help

I don’t want to trust anyone, anymore
I let down my guard, now a monster is born
I really tried my hardest to keep it all straight
Open mind, open eyes, start with a clean slate
Seems like no matter what you do
The road is always split
Your livelihood goes one way, and you go off a cliff
Now I realize the truth and it won’t catch me by surprise
Never trust a punk rock girl, she’ll stab you in the back at night

There was a time when we were friends
When we got along, and compromised
There was a time when things were fun
And we loved each other and lived in time
There was a time when no one around could
Break us apart
There was a time when you lied to me
And you said, “ You know Tom, I believe.”

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