This is for those who think I don’t know

I’m no fool, I’m no fool
You’re not cool, I’m no fool

We’re not ones to judge each other
But we all do it anyway
Always trying to bring the other down
That isn’t the way life should be played

For those who think that I don’t know
All your doing is pushing me further away, further away

Concentrate on our positives
Don’t try to bring your brother down
I know it’s easier said than done
But it’ll keep your friends around

Friendship holds us all together
So don’t break it and bring me down
Just back off quick, just back off quick

Don’t attack people’s character, just stand back and live your life silent
Just say your minimum of wards and try to avoid the violence
Violence is a waste of time, my point is don’t judge anybody
Especially me, especially me

Take a look at yourself some time before you go and analyze me
I know I’ve got my negative points, but compared to you and I
Know I live free, I love my life don’t bring me down
Don’t make a mockery of me
Just back off quick, just back off quick

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