It Starts


The newscaster said the high tide is coming in
And it is higher than ever before
The winds are blowing at eighty miles an hour
And there's a storm watch for all of California

It's about 10 o'clock we're getting ready for bed
We're all too nervous, I don't think we can sleep
My dad's putting all our supplies next to the door
On the news people are leaving the city

My dad says
Lets take a trip
He loads the truck
With our bikes and supplies

Finally getting out of the city tonight
Moving inland away from the beach
The wind is blowing and the tide is rising
I think there is going to be a terrible storm

At about eleven
My dad suggests we leave
We all get in the truck
And we leave our home behind

My dad stops to get some gas with his ATM
All I see is traffic everywhere we go
With a full tank we get back on the street
Heading inland to a safe place to be

Listening to news on the radio
The ocean is rising up to the beach houses
The wind is so strong it is hard to drive in it
There is car accidents everywhere I loo

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