I'm so quotable I can't believe it! Haha....no, actually, I have found that aphorisms can be a certain kind of poetry, or philosophy where you shorten an idea as much as possible, to give it the most impact. You know, like fortune cookies.

Canonization is masturbation.

What is the opposite of 1 (one)? Is it 0 (zero)? Is it -1 (negative 0ne)? If it is 0, then presence and absence define true and false, but if it's negative one and one, then 1 is true, and -1 False? White is not the opposite of black. Negative white is, and if 0 is the opposite of 1, then White is not the opposite of Black again! Absence of white is. So if presence and absence does not truly define opposites, and affirmation and negation do not truly define opposites then what? Universality and particularity, against the backdrop of nature and contrived industrialization.

Modesty is for those who have done nothing to be proud of, or those who take pride in being modest. Though I do believe in the genuine empathetic possibility of becoming the other, for the other, I know it is only to a degree that it is possible, and these days it is rare that it happens at all.

There's no individuality in the necessary essence.

The only person closer to being than an artist, is a dead person.

I stand against religion, because religion stands against itself.

You are the object that is hidden in plain sight.

If you don't know what a bogey-man is, you are one.

I'm not looking at life through a keyhole. You rammed the whole wall down, instead of walking through the door which was unlocked. What you are seeing is me walking through the door, in a wall which is still intact.

Do not believe in yourself, know yourself.

Make your life the work of art. Don't be a train wreck creating art.

Everybody understands, whether they believe it or not, that it is better not to be wrong, than it is to be right. What is not said, and avoided, is more important than what is said.

When I say to you, "I am an atheist.", you think in your mind, "Well, then you will rot in hell forever." When you say to me, "I am religious, and live by faith.", I am thinking in the back of my mind, "Well, you have made life hell on earth!".

The pen is mightier than the sword, and the database is mightier than the pen!

If you are going to fail, fail at something great!

I am not one in a million, I am one in 6 billion.

There may be a creator, but there is no God.

I live my life in despair, because I realize in actuality, the impossibility of becoming the person in which you are faking.

Develop your particular individuality in the unnecessary, and move toward the universal in the essential.

People cannot be allowed to be free to be irresponsible.

The uneducated clueless, are even clueless about being clueless.

It takes more knowledge to know, you are not knowledgeable enough to handle a situation.

Where truth is secondary, men are arbitrary.

The path will no longer be narrow. Some were given much in trust and their failure exhibited, it will now be distributed fairly among the majority on a wide path.

Jesus was not a Christian.

Designing is what gets in the way between me, and absolute truth, but it is as close as I am allowed to get.